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Luna Gale

by Rebecca Gilman
Directed by Brandon Woolley
Featuring Sharonlee McLean, Danielle Weathers, Shannon Mastel, Marian Mendez, Kelsey Tyler, Jacob Camp and Nick Ferrucci

Venue: CoHo Theatre
Show Run: April 20 - May 12, 2018
Schedule: Thurs-Sat 7:30pm, Sun 2pm


Luna Gale is a suspenseful, ethically-blurry play offering a candid look at an intra-family custody dispute for the right to raise a minor child, determined by cases of addiction, assault and conflicting religious beliefs.

“Are you Luna’s mother?”

Social worker Caroline is over-burdened by desperate cases at an under-funded Child Protective Services agency, especially when her gut instincts contradict by-the-book protocol. In one case, infant Luna Gale is hospitalized and removed from her stressed-out teenage parents Karlie and Peter, who are court-ordered to attend rehab groups for methamphetamine abuse – but the waiting list is too long. Karlie’s divorced mother Cindy, a nurse’s assistant and born-again Christian, seeks to adopt Luna with her Pastor’s guidance, but against her daughter’s wishes. Unspoken motives surface through unconventional methods while belief systems and best intentions are tested as all question how to best take care of children.


2257 NW Raleigh

Box Office: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm
(503) 220-2646

$32 Standard Single Ticket
$25 Single Ticket +65/-30
$20 Thrifty Thursday Ticket
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