I'm Nicole Gladwin, an award-winning freelance stage manager based in Portland, Oregon.

I've spent the past eighteen years working in smaller professional theaters (often with little or no run crew) where I have learned to identify how one small change may affect other elements of the production, and communicate that info to all relevant departments. Throughout rehearsals I strive to keep everyone on the same page, and get ahead of anything that could be a production problem down the line. I'm a fan of keeping our production documents online and easily accessible to all members of the production team; shared drives and calendars have changed my stage management life for the better.

I aim to foster a workplace environment where people feel safe and supported in taking artistic risks.

My favorite thing about my job is sitting in the middle of the creative spiderweb, enabling the integration of everyone's work into a seamless production. Tech is my favorite phase of the theatrical process; I love watching designers add their layers onto the story we're telling. Then, it's my joy & privilege to facilitate all of our work each night by calling the show.

Please contact me if you'd like to talk about working together!