School Dance: performance report 3/31


* house 27

* LIGHTS: two instruments far stage right got "stuck" on full for most of the show. They both faded out a couple times when I hit go, and went out while the cue was running but then popped back on to full after the cue hit complete. (They didn't pop on when I did blackout check pre-show, so I don't know why they got mad during the show.)

Rehearsal Report

* ACTORS: please send short bios (50 words or less) to Aubrey at by Saturday  
* the fog machine we currently have access to is terrible and smells like burning, so Brian has ordered a new less shitty one that should arrive some time next week
* PROPS: the bike handlebars need some tape 1) for grip 2) because they are gross where folks need to put their hands. Can we also get some streamers and the like?
* EVERYONE: we still need a bunch of ushers. Ushers are called at 7:15, they get to see the show for free, everyone wins. Please have folks email Zoe at
* SET: question: is the smurf house thingie up against the back wall of that upper platform, or on the same plane as the sliding door?
* SET: we would like to kick the side of "the point" build out. Tell us if that's a problem!

Next up: Tomorrow, 3/8, 6:30p - 10p @ Action/Adventure. All called at 6:30.
6:30p - 6:45p: Warmups
6:45p - 7:45p: Fight call/opening sequence/bike dance
8:00p - 9:00p: Run through
9:00p - 10:00p: Notes